Minnesota Steelheader streamside clinic


Date:         September, ???, 2019
Time:        10am - 1:00pm
Location:   Middle Shore River - North Shore, Lake Superior*      

What is new for 2019?
Steelheading is pretty much the same these days, but the anglers are changing. We are noticing more and more diversity on the water these days so to help the momentum we are encourage parents and children to sign up together for the event this year. We are also encouraging husbands to bring their wives, or wives to bring their husbands. Couples are encourage to participate, but this is for individuals too!

What will you need to bring?
First and foremost bring a positive attitude.  You will also need to supply yourself with your own fishing equipment (rod, real, line, flies, waders, rain gear, etc.). We also strongly suggest polarized glassed and a camera. 

What will MNST provide?
We will also be providing a clinic outline packed full of valuable information, and any other current learning tools, guides, or maps that become available to up.

Who can attend?
This clinic is open to those who are able to freely maneuver the root covered dirt and rock trails along the banks of the river.  The trails are the easy part, it is the walking on rocks and light wading that requires a good sense of balance.  Note too that we focus on entry level wading - no deep water, most wading is less than knee high.  Wading is not necessary to partake in the clinic

We strongly encourage Parent/child pairs to participate in the clinic. All children 17 and under must register and attend with an adult to participate.

*River destination and map will be provided upon registration

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What do I get?
Each angler receives a jam packed learning session on our North Shore fishery, and ample opportunities to ask questions and pick our brains.  We also provide a nice handout detailing our fishery, what swims in our waters, and the basic gear used.  On top of this you receive hands-on streamside angling instruction.  This is not a guided fishing event.

Please note this is limited to only 12 anglers and registration fills up fast.  Please only register if you are 100% commited to attend .

What does this cost?
There is no cost for this event, but suggest a minimum donation.

Our volunteer staff is donating their time and talents to teach and guide during this wonderful clinic.  All donations received for our events and clinics go right back to help fund future educational programs, community events and habitat or fisheries projects, and further our conservation mission.  This clinic continues on because of your generosity.

15 and under - open donation
Students - $15.00 min. suggested donation
Adults - $30 min. suggested donation

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What is the Streamside clinic?
We developed this clinic in 2011 as way to teach beginners and intermediate anglers the fundamentals of fishing our North Shore streams and rivers, with a focus on steelhead and salmon.  Timing the clinic in the fall was easy.  The pink salmon migration is in full swing, the weather conditions are fairly stable and the rivers have lower water levels than during the spring steelhead migration making them much more manageable.  Pinks also utilize some of the same migration and spawning waters as our steelhead and most north shore steelhead flies can catch pinks.

What will you learn?
Our all-volunteer staff of seasoned anglers will teach you all about pink salmon; how they got here, why they were able to naturalize, and how their habitat/life-cycle is similar to steelhead.

We teach a little on how geology and limnology impact steelhead and pink salmon.  We review fishing equipment that is suitable for steelhead, trout and salmon including: rods, reels, line, knots, flies, and misc extras.
We give a brief summary on all the trout and salmon that swim our waters and how and when to target.  We also go in to detail on how to read water and the terminology for the different types of water/current within our rivers and streams.  This all might seem time consuming, but we run through it is important information aimed at helping you become a successsuccessfulfull anglers.  We try to keep the off-water portion to 45 min. 

Once streamside, we will have some hands on instruction on locating fish, fly selection, and presentation. We then will help anglers locate some hot spots and start fishing. Note this is not a fly casting class, but some assistance can be provided.