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We are only gather information for 3 species at this time: 
steelhead, kamloop & brook trout.

Lower Shore Regions - All tributaries from Mission Creek to the Knife River
Mid Shore Regions - All tributaries from Stewart River to the Baptism River
Upper Shore Regions - All tributaries from Little Marais River to Pigeon River

Contact information submited is solely for Minnesota Steelheader and will not be shared or sold to anyone, period. 

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The Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project (MNST-CP):

A GIGANTIC Thank You to the folks in the Minnesota DNR Duluth Fisheries Section: People like D. Hendrickson, C. Goldsworth, N. Peterson, K. Reeves, J. Blankenheim, the creel clerks and many, many others provide us with so much incredible information not to mention doing boots-on-the-ground work that all too often goes un-mentioned, un-thanked or flat out un-noticed - So Thank You! We couldn't provide the wonderful information we do to the followers of Minnesota Steelheader without that great work.

What can you do to help?

The Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project is a non-scientific poll of catch information similar to what is provided in the Official MNDNR creel reports.

The MNST-CP is solely funded by Minnesota Steelheader and relies entirely on angling volunteers and their willingness to help gather data to further understand our steelhead. 

The collected date is run through a few programs and, in the end, provides us all with an increasingly better picture of steelhead fishing on the North Shore. MS publishes the information for you to think about and use whether you are brand new to the sport, or a veteran of 40 seasons. It's good stuff.

Your part is very simple - When you fish this season, simply record the following information in the form below and click Submit, it is that simple.  Some anglers in the past have expressed concerns that the information we collect will be distributed publicly and potentially bring more pressure to the rivers they fish. Though we share generalized data (see report link above), we do not share information in a way that puts artificial pressure to a river or region during your fishing season.  

IMPORTANT!  Please make sure that you only report steelhead, kamloops and brook trout numbers once. If you fished with a group, put your heads together and pick one person to report the TOTAL numbers, OR, only report fish you PERSONALLY caught. This helps prevent duplication in catch data.

Example - If you and your partner caught a total of two steelhead on April 24th, please do not both report back that you caught two steelhead, otherwise it will look like four steelhead were caught that day and it will skew the numbers.

You can also send your information to: mnsteelheadernmf@hotmail.com

Minnesota Steelheader Creer project
Minnesota Steelheader Creer project

Minnesota Steelheader - Creel Project

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2016 MNST Creel Project
Summary Report

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Minnesota Steelheader Creel Project
2017 MNST Creel Project
Summary Report
2018 MNST Creel Project
Data collection in progress

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