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This website is devoted to the mighty steelhead trout that swim the beautiful North Shore Streams and Rivers of Minnesota's Lake Superior.  Compiled by Minnesota fly & drift fishermen, this site aims to inform, educate, and entertain veterans and new-comers alike to this great  fishery.

North Shore
Weather Conditions

Silver Bay •   Lutsen

River Flow Data

Sucker River

River flow is a vitally important factor for understanding fish movement in the grand scheme of steelhead fishing. Flow is arguably the single-most important variable when taken in the context of fish movement, just as temperatures dictate when fish begin to run, when they spawn, where they locate within a stream, and when they are the most vulnerable to bait or fly presentations.

Knife River

River Flow Data
River Flow Data
River Flow Data
River Flow Data

Baptism River

Poplar River

Brule River

To understand the River flow charts and data, it is helpful to understand a few of the terms that are used on any chart you might encounter.  Visit this link for a full break down on River flow.
Understanding  Flow
River Flow Data

Brule River

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